Hey There!

We're the Rutgers Mobile App Development Club! We are a student-led Computer Science club invested in teaching the Rutgers community about Mobile App Development. We teach incoming students the fundamentals of mobile app development in a program known as the Accelerator. Mobile Apps are an intersection between the industry and the classroom, and the Accelerator was designed with that belief in mind. We also motivate students to take actionable steps towards their career goals through talks, competitions, and networking events. RUMAD is an innovative and creative hub for Rutgers students to build the apps of their dreams and lifelong relationships.

Accelerator Application

The Accelerator

The goal of the Accelerator is to take students from knowing nothing about app development to a level where they can build and ship their own apps. Mentees pick a track from iOS, Android, or Backend development to learn about.

We also provide every mentee in the Accelerator program with close mentorship from an experienced mentor. They receive career and academic guidance to help ensure they are successful in their journey at Rutgers and beyond.

How It's Built

How It's Built is a series of talks throughout the year that features guest speakers from top tech companies who share their experiences in the industry and their current projects. RUMAD has featured systems engineers and software engineers from MongoDB, Facebook, Two Sigma, Tinder, and AppNexus.

With the Fall semester going online, we decided to completely redesign How It's Built. We've changed the format to a recorded YouTube Interview Series! Check out our first talk below.

How It's Built #02 | Cruise Automation | Shashank S.

Spring 2021

RUMAD App Fest

RUMAD App Fest is a charity competition. Students will submit and present humanitarian mobile app projects based on a theme chosen by the sponsor company. Winners will get a cash prize to donate to a charity of their choice and merch!

SwiftUI and React Workshops

We will be hosting live virtual workshops for those looking to be introduced to iOS and React development. Together, we'll build a SwiftUI menu app. We'll also learn about styling in React and build a portfolio website! Join us every month and learn something new!

Side Project Spotlight

Come join us for Side Project Spotlight! The talk will host relatable advice and actionable steps that will help you start building your own side projects! Email us if you are interested in giving a talk about your own side project!